Professional Coaching
for Extraordinary People

Hello, I'm Attila.

My inner drive is to help Sole Traders, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to Take Their Business to Their Next Level.

Businesses can grow only as much as their Leaders (their managers/owners/CEOs) can grow. If a Business is stuck, it stopped growing - it means the leadership needs a shift in their thinking to find the solution!

Nowadays everything is changing faster and faster. Change will happen automatically even if you don't do anything, even if you don't want changes. The question is: whether things are changing for the better for your Business? Is it just change what's happening in your business or Progress?

I believe that every business owner/leader has to work on 2 businesses:
1. on the business they're currently in.
2. on the business they want to become.
(If they work only on the business in which they're currently in, they may not have a future. If they work only on the business they want to become, they probably will see some cash-flow problems.)

Business Coaching is a Relationship between the Coach and a Client where Coach indirectly helps to improve the Business: by enabling the Client to Shift his/her thinking, learning more about themselves and their decision making systems (and making better decisions) - which will create visible and measurable (financial) results in their business.

Professional Coaching for Extraordinary People
The Coaching was briefly described above - but who are the Extraordinary People? 
In my eyes all people are extraordinary, who like challenges, are willing to make changes (even if these changes may be uncomfortable in the beginning) and are committed to take actions!
In Coaching, the real changes are happening in between sessions, when the client takes actions. Just the coaching sessions itself (without actions) won't create any progress. (If nothing changes then nothing changes).


What is Coaching?

It's important to know that Coaching is NOT Consultancy: I won't solve your problem for you! During Coaching, we will find a solution together.
Actually, the solutions will come from you - I'll be  just there as a catalyst, to help you finding the right answers.
It is about assisting you to think, to come up with a solution or an action plan for achieving your goal / overcoming your challenges:
- by asking the right questions
- by finding out what's holding you back - and how to overcome it
- by exploring your limitations and conquering them

 It's better to experience coaching - than trying to get an understanding about what it can be. That's why I offer the First Session for FREE.
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Here are some further thoughts to describe Coaching:

"Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning and development of another."
"Coaching is about change, about making changes."
"Finding out what you really want - and how to achieve it faster."
"It focuses on the future. It's an effective way to move things forward."
"It's Confidential. Everything we talk on the coaching sessions is confidential."
"It helps to learn more about yourself and developing your personality."
It's non-judgmental: There are no Right or Wrong answers!"
"It is very structured, very goal oriented."