Professional Coaching
for Extraordinary People

Others Say...

Here's some of my Clients' Experiences of My Coaching Sessions:

"The highest level of consciousness/awareness is when one receives answers without asking the questions. It is extremely hard to comprehend and achieve, it requires years of practise and perseverance. 

Attila was either born with this rare and special ability/skill or has acquired it and taken it to the next level – he knows the answer before you ask “that” question”. He is not a mind reader or anything like that, but within few sessions he understands you and your circumstances and helps you to find the direction you want to go and guides you where you want to be. 

Every single conversation with him is of great value with positive outcome and the strategies he suggests/recommends are easy to follow and can be implemented with an immediate effect to reap the rewards in future. I feel privileged to have met him and had the pleasure of building a professional relationship with him."  

 John Szabo, Fitness and Sports Coach  

Professional Coaching
for Extraordinary People

 I'm a Professional Coach helping my clients to find out what they really want in their life / business / career - and how to achieve it. 
Once we're clear on that, I still stay with them to provide support on their road to actually realizing it.

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